Computer Repairs

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PC Format
​ Package


- Return system to factory settings (newly purchased pc performance)
- Install suitable anti-virus software (lifetime subscription)
- Install suitable anti-adware software (lifetime subscription)
- Configure anti-virus software (including auto scan feature)
- Configure anti-adware (including auto scan feature)
- Install all necassary drivers for optimal computer performance 
- Install codecs so you can play all video and auto formats
- Install adobe flash reader 
- Install and configure ad-blockers for increased security 
- Full system optimization
- Install all necassary windows updates 

All user files will be deleted.
To back-up (save) files, an extra $10 will be applied 

Data Back-up $10 extra

PC Tune-Up Package


- Clean all disk drives
- Remove hidden unused files 
- Clean temporary files
- Remove adware effecting computer performance 
- Install suitable anti-adware software 
- Configure anti-adware (including auto scan feature)

Virus Removal Package


- Detect all viruses effecting computer performance
- Remove all viruses  including potential lysogenic viruses 
- Install suitable anti-virus software
- Configure anti-virus software (including auto scan feature)

Hardware repair/replacement

Data Recovery

Password Recovery

We repair and/or replace all computer hardware including 
- Hard disks 
- RAM modules
- Power supplies
- Cooling systems 
- And much more
Did your computer crash on you?
Did you lose all your important data and files
We can recovery all lost data. Data recovery is our specialty
Forgot your password?
We can help recovery your password for you computer and your email including gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail and more.

Broken screen replacement 

Computer running too slow

And Much More!

Droped your laptop, dont worry.
We can replace your broken screen 
We dont do any repairs without talking to you first to make sure you know exactly what's going on with your system

Is your computer running too slow and you're not sure why? Dont worry, let our experienced team diagnose your system and tell you what the problem is and offer you solutions to fix it

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